Frequently Asked Questions

What is Talkdust?

Talkdust is a content driven social media site, providing a format for discussion with people all over the world with similar interests. All you need to know is what you want to discuss, that's it. You don't need contacts or friends, just an interest in something, anything really.

Are you not just like Reddit?

Reddit does have some overlap with where we will be taking Talkdust. However, Reddit is a social media spin on web forums, Talkdust is a social media spin on chat applications. Another key distinguishable difference is that communities/handles in Reddit are all human curated. Talkdust communities are content derived and are intended to be organic around naturally occurring topics and ideas.

How are we like Facebook and Twitter?

We’re not ;) If you want to post about your day, rant about what some politician did or tag people in your newest cat photo, microblogs are a better suited medium. If you’re looking to make new friends, meet new people, and have bubbly conversations on topics you’re interested in, Talkdust is the place for you.

Facebook: Heavily geared around who you know. It’s a better place to stay connected with friends and family.

Twitter: Twitter is great for connecting people of prestige.There is more overlap between Talkdustwith Twitter than Facebook. the concept of hashtags and Talkdust rooms. However, where Tweets are aimed at broadcasting and promoting ideas, we’re aiming to cultivate a culture of discussion.

What's the big attraction of

Talkdust provides a revolutionary internet platform for communication that is not based upon who you know, but on what you want to know. It is content driven, no public profiles, short term history, photos of somebody's steak dinner or dog, just people talking about the things that interest them.

How do we differ from Discord?

We’re social over gaming, we’re primarily text based instead of audio. That said, we do have a discord server handle, come join us craft a better internet! Instead of human curated servers of contacts around a game, clan, software etc. We do machine generated topics of rooms, and small groupings of individuals inside of rooms.

How will we handle the Twitch/YouTube comments effect?

First highlight what that is (messages popping up quicker than content creators can often times read)

Is Talkdust sort of like Omegel?

Yes, but we’re more user friendly, not a medium for sexting, and far more on topic to what you want to talk about with your in the moment interests.

What about apps like Clubhouse and monkey app?

Clubhouse is more similar to discord and aims to primarily be audio (from what we’re told -- we’ve not been invited to check it out first hand, yet!). Monkey App is like a cross between omegle and tik tok, as such, focuses more on A/V instead of text. Talkdust is more about text based communications and revolutionizing chat applications; we’re hoping to do to chat rooms similar to what Reddit did to web forums and Myspace (and then Facebook) did to microblogs.