A chat platform for establishing friendships through content instead of contacts

About Us

Chat applications have not evolved much over the past few decades to match the social activity of the internet. Yet we use them day to day to carry out all forms of communication. The AOL rooms of the 90’s inherently are not all that different from the current range of platforms available. You either add someone you know, or you join a community that someone built up.

Adding to the social dynamic, research has shown us that people leave social media more depressed than when they ventured on for an evening of light reading and conversing. There are diverse reasonings and grievances, but how often have you had an actual opportunity and voice to change the platforms we use day to day?

Consider this an open invitation to create a more social internet with us. We’re a content-over-contact, text-based chat application. We rely on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, ... nerd power and user interaction to learn structure and meaning for topics of conversation. We bring in related content from all parts of the internet to fuel the vehicle by which one can navigate the virtual world.

Check out our blog, like our social media accounts, engage in conversations and surveys between beta tests, and converse within our application! Reddit claims to be the Front Page of the Internet; join us in creating the Emcee of the Internet.

How it works

  • Sign up (when you're ready, click that frosty orange button!)
  • (Optional) Grab your coffee
  • Seek a topic
  • React
  • Engage
  • Mute the trolls
  • Whisper sensitive information
  • Evolve the room
  • Connect with people from all over
  • Grab a drink as a warm up to get ready to converse with folks over topics that interest you!

2Search and Discover
  • Explore the listing of active or recent topics from the home page

  • Search for your target of interested, and see the closest active topics of conversation

  • React to messages and watch the colors fly

  • Engage with in pleasant exchanges and conversation

  • Mute everyone acting like a troll

  • Whisper directly to those in your group of discussion

  • Share other contact information with folks you enjoyed meeting

5Evolve the Room
  • As conversations grow and friendships are kindled watch the rooms morph and evolve to the various subject matter

Our Goals

To build a bubbly, fun and safe place to have a more social internet.

To bring chat rooms into the future of social media.

To produce a product on watching topics of interest instead of watching every action of an individual.

To combat the sexting that plagues legacy platforms of chatting with strangers.

To be a vehicle of transportation and exploration of the internet.

What makes us unique

  • Our team spans Zoomer through Boomer, and we found a way to all get along
  • We leverage Machine-Learning over Human Curation (We won't hire "Fact Checkers")
  • The chat rooms evolve (Ok, that's a teaser, we don't have enough throughput to accurately demonstrate this, yet 😉)
  • No person or community owns a room -- topics and rooms are synonymous in Talkdust
  • We're putting a new spin on the concept of "Reactions"
  • We're feedback driven -- build this platform with us!
  • We take a strong stance against sexting

A stroll through our history

Dear Reader,

Picture this: there is a beautiful sunrise beyond the horizon; a muggy and humid day is not far behind. Cars are still dormant, and streets are empty with the occasional car fleeting to avoid a morning rush. Birds are beginning to chirp; a runner laces his shoes for a pre-dawn run. A Millenial is about to get a call from a Boomer that changes the motion of their lives forever.

“Hello?” replies the runner.

“Hi, is this Arthur Weborg? My name is Brett Reetz; I am a lawyer.”

An awkward pause and an unvoiced thought of what have I done?! races through the runner's mind. Before the thought manifests to words, the lawyer breaks the silence

“Don’t worry; you’re not in trouble,” chirps Brett.

<to the reader: insert quick, yet appropriate transition verbiage of choice>

Leading up to that moment, there were a few failure-to-launch events. However, Brett hadn’t given up on his vision of “Roomarang.” Casting aside discouragement and frustration, he kept pressing forward.

This brief predawn interaction reignited a journey that had started two years earlier. Arthur was intrigued by the concept. Brett had found a technical mind to tame the computer beasties. After the internet was explored, Arthur found the competition to be sickly. The time is ripe for a new spin on chat rooms.

It wasn’t long before development began, prototypes put on display, and electricity was humming to the beat of messages being sent. Hands literally from around the world were contributing to code. There was even early interest from some venture capitalists overseas.

As the code expanded, so did Arthur’s family. Unfortunately, the platform didn’t go viral. Development went on hiatus, and Talkdust was eventually taken down to be reevaluated.

Fast forward again to fall of 2020. A skeleton of a system is already in place. Hadley and Dalton join and become key teammates. As the team synergized, so did the style and voice of the site. Months later, Arthur decides to dedicate himself fulltime to get Talkdust up and running.

The best is yet to come ;) TalkDust Logo

Meet our team...

An “Unsung Hero” on Stack Overflow and a Software Architect coming from a clinical genetics backing. Arthur is coming off of a decade of collaboration with world renowned Dr. Elizabeth Worthey on whole genome sequencing centric software to lead the technical side of Talkdust. He brings with him expertise in Big Data software development, DevOps of Clinical software applications, and a nerdy health vibe.
Visionary and founder of Talkdust. You are always in for a good conversation when chatting with Brett; a conversation with Brett generally leaves all feeling encouraged, uplifted, and ready to face the challenges of life. Flip that coin and you’ll see a savvy and clever lawyer ready to defend your case. You’ll see an author, infusing the darker side of life with tech, science, relationships and greater powers that be. Brett has surrounded Talkdust with success and supplies the inspiration that keeps all of us at Talkdust moving forward.
Arguably the most likeable person on the team, Hadley is a Psych student who is bridging the gap between the nerdy side of Talkdust and the ever growing community of Talkdusters. Hadley runs point on user outreach and a key contributor to the UX of our system. When you stumble across a trendy video or bubbly post, gratitude is due to Hadley.
Moody is a retired federal Judge. He sits on our board and provides learned advice, wisdom and legal analysis. He resides in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
Josh brings his marketing and social media expertise to the table. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and at the end of the day, (his words) just a man. He graduated in 2017 with an MBA at William Carey University. He also tends to his daily efforts by working over 10 years at a bank in south MS. Josh also runs a small business within tourism of south MS. Beyond those things, he seeks to help with his church, community, and abroad. He resides with his wife of 7 years, and they have a four-year old son.
A regex ninja and an exceptional software developer. Grant sets the standard for diligence, detail and determination, combined with innovation and creativity.
Mike is an entrepreneur, a successful real estate developer and a father. He has joined Talkdust, Inc. to provide critical commentary on market forces, strategic planning, execution and finance.
Daniel is an entrepreneur, having made his bone, literally, importing, exporting, and processing seafood throughout the world. We knew Daniel when he was being evicted from apartments for cleaning fish in the bathtub and now we know him as the man who received both the entrepreneur of the year award and the exporter of the year award from the Governor of Wisconsin. He has processing plants in the U.S., and Estonia. He brings an experienced eye to the team and a polished skill to recognize value where others fail to see it. He is a father of two and resides in Gills Rock, Wisconsin.